Solar Panel Proofing

Solar Panel Proofing in Glasgow

We offer sufficient protection and preventative methods against the invasion of common pests beneath solar panels. Over many years we have successfully eradicated and eliminated the risk of rodents and other small pests nesting underneath solar panels, across many domestic and commercial locations in Glasgow. Our team of qualified experts have experience in protecting solar panels, optimising performance and promoting longevity of their components. We understand that solar panels are an investment and can be quite costly to repair. Therefore, we promise to do everything possible to protect them and keep the pests away. 



Solar Panel Proofing FAQ

Solar panel proofing is the protection of the panels through the use of high quality, protective materials. We offer various methods of proofing, such as wire mesh installation to the edges of the board. This method is intended to act as a barrier, keeping small animals and birds away and removing their access to nest and settle beneath. Our process of protective mesh is quick and easy to install and is attached to the panels by using specialist weather-resistant clips. These clips cause no damage whatsoever to your panel, so you can rest assured that there is no drilling or glue involved. The mesh will only be attached to the edge of the solar panels, so there is no way that it will interfere with their performance. It can easily be removed if necessary, for maintenance and other purposes, which is what makes it an excellent option. The mesh is also rather discreet, so it is an excellent alternative for maximising the best aesthetic.

Animals nesting beneath the solar panels can cause extensive damage to the internal components and workings of the equipment mechanisms, leaving you with costly repair work to complete. Since you have invested so much time and money into fitting your solar panels, you must protect them and maximise their performance whenever possible. Messes and droppings from mice and birds may cause the surface of the panel to corrode. Not only can the surface be destroyed, but these corrosive droppings can build up around the framework of the panel, leading to numerous diseases and toxins that can be damaging to our health. Pigeons and other nesting birds on your roof can lead to a lot of noise pollution, affecting you, your neighbours or your co-workers.

Many small pests such as birds and squirrels decide to select solar panels as the perfect nesting location. This is due to the panels providing just the right amount of shelter, warmth and protection from harsh weather conditions and predators. Unfortunately, this becomes a problem for many homes and business owners as the creatures will encourage noise, mites and debris into your home. Not only that, but the performance of your solar panels could be severely affected, as nesting materials and droppings can cover the surface.


Most of the materials used by these pest creatures to build their nests are typically dry leaves and twigs. This poses a considerable fire hazard as solar panels tend to generate a lot of heat. The nesting materials located beneath the panels are at risk of igniting, causing major devastation and damage to your property. Damaged circuits and chewed wires also contribute to becoming a fire hazard and destroying the electrical connection. Ultimately, causing the panels to no longer work.

There are a few methods that you can use yourself to deter pests away from your property. However, we always advise seeking the professional help of an expert for the best results. All of our team have undergone extensive training and have many years of experience, so you can guarantee that they will be able to solve any issue you may have. Solar panels, in particular, can be a dangerous area to work on due to the conditions and heights of the building.


We never advise anyone to attempt the installation of solar panel proofing materials unless they are fully qualified to do so. You could severely injure yourself by falling from great heights or face electrocution. Not to mention causing significant damage to your brand-new panels. Never attempt to attach any proofing material to your solar panels by drilling or gluing, as this will likely damage the boards and affect their performance. Our friendly team are always available to answer any questions that you might have and will gladly visit your property to discuss all of the options available to you.

When should I call an Expert?

We always recommend that you contact a professional pest controller for advice as soon as your panels are installed. Our expert team will happily pay you a visit in order to assess your level of threat and explain the many preventative proofing methods available. For those who live in an area where squirrels are dominant, then we can tailor your level of protection to comply with this form of pest control. Each method of solar panel proofing that we use will be custom-suited to your personal requirements so that you get the most out of your protection. We believe that it is far better to prevent a problem from occurring than to eliminate an established invasion, so contacting us from the very first moment will reduce the chances of a potential problem.