Falconry Response Team

Falconry Response Team in Glasgow

At Pest Control Glasgow, we offer an effective form of Falconry pest control operated by expert technicians. This holistic approach to bird control has been extremely successful, commonly used in a commercial setting such as shopping centres and large industrial sites. These specially trained birds are introduced to an environment where pest birds are a problem and have been designed to scare away the intruders rather than harm them. Providing effective relief of pest birds across Glasgow and the surrounding areas, our highly experienced team of pest controllers will introduce trained hawks and falcons to deter pest birds away naturally. Thanks to our many years of experience, our expert bird handlers know precisely what is required to manage the level of bird activity and eradicate the problems associated. 



Falconry Response FAQ

Falconry response is an excellent solution to pest bird problems. By no means will these trained birds harm, kill or injure the pest birds under any circumstances. We pride ourselves on this holistic option of pest control and promise to always abide within current UK laws and legislations. The method has been designed to influence the pest bird’s instinct of hunting to kick in, encouraging them to recognise the area as unsafe and leave. Falconry is intended to scare the pest birds, not to kill them.


Our highly experienced falconry response team have undergone extensive training and practice to remove pest bird infestations. Falconry is a method which consists of introducing trained hawks and falcons around the premises where pest birds are gathering or nesting. The training involved to carry out this treatment process is quite extensive, both for the handlers and the birds of prey. Our flight handlers have years of experience in successfully eliminating pest bird invasions both around commercial and domestic dwellings. The pest birds will immediately recognise the presence of the falcon or hawk as a natural predator, meaning they are no longer safe or able to inhabit the location. This stimulated sense of fear will allow the bird to make the decision to leave the area and find a safer place to nest.

There are many reasons that you may need to remove pest birds from your property. The number one reason is due to the unsightly appearance of large gatherings and the messes caused by these animals.  In some cases, bird droppings have been linked to the spread of some diseases such as salmonella and E-coli. Not only is this dangerous to our general health and wellbeing, but the droppings can also cause costly damage to building exteriors and vehicles, due to the high levels of acidity. Noise pollution is another reason why you might require the assistance of a pest bird controller, especially during mating seasons. Massive swarms of seagulls tend to swoop and fly at low levels, causing distress and noise towards people. Business premises face customers complaining about this noise or being annoyed by the animals.  Both home and business owners have invested a lot of time and money into creating a reputation or appearance that you love, only for nuisance birds to destroy it. Not to mention, for those in the food industry, health inspectors have the legal right to issue you with a penalty if they should find evidence of bird activity and or nesting at your premises.


This method of bird control can be used in many different areas, such as domestic, agricultural, commercial and industrial locations. Falconry has been proven to be a hugely successful method of pest control around airports, as pest birds pose a constant level of threat to aircraft taking off and landing. Our falconry response team have also successfully eliminated pest bird problems in areas where other procedures are not so practical. These locations include schools, hospitals, stadiums and golf courses. Falconry has proven an excellent alternative around listed properties, as generally legislations prevent the fitting of bird proofing materials. Landfill sites are often another common location that attracts pest birds. Therefore, falconry is a fantastic option for this kind of area.

Contacting a member of our Falconry Response Team

Arranging a visit from one of our expert team members is easy. A professional pest controller will visit your property and assess the level of infestation and construct the most beneficial method of treatment. Each assessment is entirely bespoke and personal to your circumstances, accommodating your individual requirements and needs. All of our qualified bird handlers strictly follow UK laws and wildlife protection legislation, meaning that the controller will continuously assess the volume of bird infestation and alter the levels of flight activity accordingly. 

Never attempt to carry out the removal of pest birds yourself without the assistance and advice of a professional. It is a criminal offence to cause any harm, injury or disruption to wildlife and protected bird species or their active nests. Without proper training and experience, you may accidentally cause a threat or unintentional damage to a protected bird species which could lead to prosecution. We cover areas across Glasgow and are committed to providing effective relief and causing minimal distress to both the pests and our customers. 

Get in touch with a member of our falconry response team today for fast and friendly advice. Find out how we can relieve you of your pest bird problems for good.