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At Pests Control Glasgow, we offer practical solutions for every pest control issue, including the elimination of pests for both commercial and residential customers. Our friendly team of expert pest controllers are available to aid in the relief of any pest invasions or even to answer any questions you might have. All of our technicians are highly qualified, will aim to be with you within only a few hours of receiving your call. Providing effective treatment of any pest control issue, our team cover areas across Glasgow and are available seven days a week. 

Why you should choose Pests Control Glasgow

We realise that a pest invasion of any kind is a significant inconvenience to business and homeowners. As a result, our expert team are proud to provide the safest and more importantly, efficient pest control solutions at all times. 

When you get in touch with us at Pest Control Glasgow, a professional pest controller will visit your property to assess the issue. After identifying the cause and nature of the problem, your technician will construct the most effective treatment and solution, which best suits your circumstances.  Each of our expert pest controllers has undergone extensive training and are fully qualified to resolve your pest control issues correctly and promptly. 

You can rest assured not only will we resolve the pest issue in the best way possible, but we promise to follow up every case at a later date. Our technicians will re-visit your property to assess whether the treatment has been successful and to inform you of how to best prevent a re-infestation from occurring in the future. 

Ant infestations are a common problem affecting many homes and organisations across the UK. Although harmless, an ant invasion can quickly become an established nuisance and in most cases cannot be resolved without the aid of a professional pest controller. We provide practical solutions to ant infestations throughout Glasgow. Our team have the best training and experience to eliminate the uninvited invaders and advise you of the best ways in which you can prevent them from returning in the future. 

Bedbug infestations are becoming an increasingly common household issue, with more and more homeowners reporting cases across the UK every year. Thanks to our effective Bedbug eradication methods, our team have successfully eradicated hundreds of cases across Glasgow. An expert technician will assess your home and carry out the recommended treatment to quickly eliminate the problem. We will give you tips and tricks to prevent future infestations from reoccurring.

Here at Pest Control Glasgow, we provide a variety of holistic bird proofing methods to avoid the issue of nesting birds both internally and externally in your property. Each of our bird proofing treatments delivers a humane, non-lethal solution to removing pest birds from your property. Our expert team of pest controllers have successfully installed effective bird proofing systems to a wide range of commercial and domestic areas throughout Glasgow. 

Our expert team has years of experience with successfully eliminating cockroach infestations. The nature of this issue is becoming increasingly popular across Scotland, particularly to properties in rural settings. We understand that cockroach infestations are generally very distressing, which is why we promise to remain discreet at all times and resolve the problem fast. 


Designed to provide a holistic and non-lethal solution in the removal of pest birds, our falconry response team have years of expert knowledge and experience. Covering areas across Glasgow, the method involves introducing a trained bird of prey, usually a falcon or a hawk. At no point will the trained bird attack or harm the pest birds, merely acting as a deterrent to scare the nuisances away. This unique alternative is an entirely safe option for pest bird control and removal and is particularly beneficial amongst commercial properties and construction sites. 

Our expert team have many years of experience in resolving the problems associated with nuisance Grey Squirrels. We are available seven days and cover areas across Glasgow, assisting with things like nesting and intrusions from these pest animals. We can supply and install the best quality preventative methods and proofing materials if you require. 

At Pest Control Glasgow, we aim to deliver the best quality, effective methods of mole eradication possible. Our expert technicians will assist in the relief of a rodent invasion, which often leads to extensive and quite costly damage to your property. We urge our customers to contact us at the very first signs of a pest mole issue, as timing is crucial to a successful resolution. A member of our team will visit your home to assess the level of the invasion and carry out an effective treatment to quickly eliminate the problem. 

We have successfully resolved hundreds of rodent infestation cases across Glasgow in recent years. This issue is rapidly becoming increasingly common towards homeowners and business owners, so we promise to deliver effective solutions as soon as possible. We understand that rodent issues can be extremely upsetting and uncomfortable. Our team will ensure that you receive the highest quality service and advice on how to prevent future invasions from reoccurring.

Using the leading solar panel proofing techniques, our engineers promise to protect your solar panels from pest birds and other small nesting animals. Pest invasions can lead to severe and costly damage to the essential components and mechanisms which may cause the panels to deteriorate. We offer the highest quality solar panel proofing across Glasgow and will install the best option that suits your needs. 

We have years of successfully eliminating wasp and bee issues across Glasgow. Our expert pest controllers promise to deliver effective relief from wasp and bee infestations, along with the removal of any nests that are present at your property. We never recommend attempting the removal of a nest yourself, so contact a member of our team as soon as possible.

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