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Ant Removal Services in Glasgow

We carry out the most effective methods of ant removal in both domestic and commercial properties across Glasgow. Our trained team of expert pest controllers know precisely what is required to successfully eradicate an ant infestation, along with the characteristics and behaviours of these social insects. Ants typically live in colonies that are located underground. Generally, the only time they will enter houses or sheds is in search of food or shelter. They will feed on sorts of food, but when entering homes, they are looking for sweet or substances containing proteins. 


Ant Removal FAQ

Ants will typically spend the majority of their life outdoors. However, due to forcing and sourcing food, they sometimes will end up inside our homes and workplaces. These insects are very social, so where one ant goes, the rest will follow. This is why you will commonly recognise these insects in large quantities. Ants can enter a property through the smallest passages in the search for something to eat. Those who do not regularly mop up food spillages and messes will likely fall victim to an ant infestation. Therefore, you must regularly clean to avoid future invasions. Like any pest situation, there are preventative steps you can take to avoid a problem from establishing. Always wipe surfaces after preparing food along with mopping beneath kitchen cabinets and appliances. Never leave food leftovers out and uncovered, including pet food dishes when they are not in use. 

During the late summer months, when temperatures drop, ants have been known to leave their outdoor nests and take shelter inside. Depending on the species, the behaviour and characteristics of the insect will vary. However, if you spot a trail of ants inside your home or workplace, it is advised to contact a professional exterminator before taking matters into your own hands. 

The most obvious sign of an ant invasion is locating one within your house. If possible, try and follow the ant’s trail as this will commonly lead you back to the nest. You should inspect the outside perimeter of your property for traces of a colony. If you find the colony in your garden, then you are going to have a problem. Ants will continue to scavenge for food nearby and are persistent hunters. They are determined and will travel long distances in the search for a reliable food source. So, if the colony is located in your back garden, then the distance the ant must travel won’t be much of a challenge.

There are a few familiar places around our homes that typically attract ants. Check pet food dishes regularly, as the scent of left-overs is appealing to these insects. Kitchen areas and entrances, along with windows and vents, are perfect spots for the insects to gain entry into your home.

Ants themselves are not currently known to carry any diseases. However, they pose a considerable risk of contaminating food and cooking appliances. They will travel across many surfaces before they reach the source of food, which means that this kind of infestation is deemed extremely unhygienic. In some cases, ants have been found in sealed containers, proving how determined they are at gaining entry into the smallest of areas. In addition to their unhygienic nature, some species of ants have been known to bite humans when they are distressed. This is why in order to achieve a successful eradication process; it is essential to identify the species beforehand.

It is not advised to deal with an ant infestation yourself or with the use of over the counter insecticides. These products tend to contain harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients, that could potentially cause harm towards you and your family. Over the counter, pesticides might temporarily settle a problem without totally eradicating the colony, which means, that the issue is likely to return. It is recommended that you contact a professional pest controller at the first signs of an infestation. Taking matters into your own hands can lead to further complications. If improper removal methods are used, the ants will be forced to rebuild a colony which can be far more aggressive than the initial infestation.

Upon contacting a member of our friendly pest control team, we will visit your property to assess the level of infestation and construct a plan. Our expert controllers have successfully eradicated hundreds of cases of ant invasions across Glasgow, in both commercial and domestic properties. We carry out effective methods of extermination in many office settings, food organisations, retail establishments and even public areas. Our qualified team are always available to answer any of your questions or to help relieve you of your ant infestation.

When to call an exterminator?

Our team of qualified pest controllers are highly experienced in successfully eradicating large colonies of ants, both in commercial and domestic properties. We keep up to date with regular training and the newest organic solutions on the market. Every treatment that we carry out is guaranteed to provide adequate relief as quick as possible. Our methods will give a permanent solution to your infestation while giving you the best advice on the species and root causes of your problem. Contact a member of our team today for professional information and to find out how we can help you overcome your ant infestation.