Should You Use Pest Control for Grey Squirrels?

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Should You Use Pest Control for Grey Squirrels?

Those who aren’t familiar with squirrels may assume that they’re all the same, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Although the red squirrel poses little threat, the grey squirrel can be more problematic.

Although they can be considered ‘cute,’ the problems associated with grey squirrels will mean that many will need to contact a company that deals with squirrel control in Glasgow.

How Problematic are Grey Squirrels?

The problems associated with grey squirrels can depend on where they’re located.

When present in the outdoors, they have the potential to raid birds’ nests, damage orchards and destroy woodland.

As well as causing problems outdoors, grey squirrels are also renowned for the problems they can cause around the home.

As well as creating unsettling rustling sounds in the evening, the also have the potential to cause damage to the wiring and furnishings around the home.

Signs That Grey Squirrels are Present

Whereas some grey squirrels have very little problem in making themselves known, others may be more discreet.

As such, it can be worthwhile looking out for signs that could show you have a grey squirrel problem, including the following.

  • The Smell of Urine in the Loft Area
  • Stripped Bark from Trees
  • Damaged Vents
  • A Collective of Squirrels Gathering
  • Food Being Stolen from Bird Feeders

Although this won’t always mean a grey squirrel infestation is an issue, it can be worthwhile contacting a professional to determines as to whether any further steps should be taken.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Stop a Grey Squirrel Infestation?

Although the onset of a squirrel infestation can depend on several factors, taking the following steps will ensure that the likelihood of a squirrel infestation is minimised.

  • Cut Back Trees or Branches: The trimming of ivy and ensuring that all overhanging branches are removed ensures that there is one less entry point for squirrels.
  • Proof Entry Points on the Roof: The reasons why many hear rustling in the loft when grey squirrels are present is because the roof is one of the most common entry points.

Checking the roof for holes and obscuring entry points with mesh can be a great way of obstructing entry points on the roof, which again minimises the potential of an infestation.

Should you have any issues in applying this method, then it can be worthwhile speaking to the pest control company once the removal of grey squirrels has been completed.

Why It’s Important to Use a Professional for Grey Squirrel Removal

It’s easy to assume that the use of a professional isn’t always needed but trying to undertake a grey squirrel infestation by yourself could lead to more problems.

A trained professional will know what to approach to use, regardless of how complicated the infestation is.

As well as ensuring that the right methods are used, a professional pest control company will also ensure that the treatments used aren’t going to be detrimental to those residing or working in the building.